Grilling: It’s a Man’s Job

I wasn’t raised with a man grilling food for me. My mom did all the cooking–and is a damn good cook, at that. She can grill a mean steak. The kind that will come up and bite you in the ass. Just kidding…Bad joke. Anyway, somewhere I got the idea that grilling was a man’s job. I’m sure I can pinpoint where that idea came from–Christianity and the fact that I was a Reverend in the South for a number of years. So sometimes (recently) I’d pretend that I couldn’t grill meat because I thought a boy should do it. Not to mention, the thought of hauling a heavy ass propane tank up the hill to my house sounds like a pain in the ass. And the five minutes it’ll take me to figure out how to unhook the old one and rehook the new one? Ugh. Total boys job.

I’m not working at the moment, so my days are filled with leisure and the most awesome shit ever–swimming, reading, Facebooking, sleeping. And, of course, eating. When I’m busy working, I usually get fast food or frozen dinners. My kitchen is tiny and so is my fridge. I don’t have much of a choice. But lately, since I’m at home a lot and often in my pajamas or bra-less, I don’t want to leave–even if it is to go through a drive-thru. So I decided to “man up” (insert LOL here) and learn to grill. Fortunately, I learned you should marinate a steak from my mom and sister, who are both pretty awesome at grilling. You can even use some Worcestershire sauce which is in my budget (cheap). Yesterday, I decided to go get some meats. Steaks and hamburger meat. My steak turned out pretty incredible and so did my corn on the cob. So, with some success, I decided to work my magic on our propane grill and hamburgers. Even though I smashed the burgers too soon and some of the meat got stuck to the grill because of it, and even though my burgers initially fell apart cuz I flipped them too much, I have to admit they turned out incredible. They tasted so great that I’m going to go ahead and give myself a pat on the back for being so “manly” (a joke to the South) and being such an incredible cook.