Sick or Pregnant?

Yesterday I started feeling it-what everyone else has been feeling for months.

The winter cold.

At least I think its a cold. Everyone around me has been sick with much worse, so if I just end up with a cold, I’ll be happy.

I filled my body with fresh veggies yesterday and today, fruit juice and vitamins. And then I sort of took a three hour nap.

Well, not sort of. I did.

And it was awesome, minus the sweats my fever gave me. Unfortunately, I think I need to go straight back to bed because I’m exhausted. Yes, from sleeping.

The funny thing about being a girl around my age (31 and proud) is that when anything happens to your body that’s abnormal, friends start randomly saying you’re pregnant.

Yesterday this happened on Facebook and it was pretty hilarious. I’ve got a runny nose and am craving veggies after all the holiday junk food and everyone starts saying, “Preggers!”

Babies are so adorable, but not something I’m ready for right now. Now that my cold is developing more, it makes me laugh even more. Can’t sleep? Pregnant. Grumpy at work? Pregnant. Can’t stop crying? Pregnant. Bad cramps? Pregnant.

We women seriously go through life always thinking we could be pregnant and when we aren’t pregnant, we get a little bummed out-even when we aren’t ready for a kid. It’s so contradictory, but who cares? I can’t wait til I have a little baby bump, no matter how scared I am of popping that little tyke out of my vagina. And regardless of my not being able to afford a little runt, I imagine I’d make it work pretty damn well. Being a mother is something that I try to act nonchalant about, as if I really don’t care, BUT seriously, if I could get a little cold and have it turn into a little pregnancy, I probably would.

Cheers to the New Year!

I’ve been reading and writing a lot in the absence of my laptop (it died during the week of finals), which is really a good thing for a writer because I’m without the Internet as a distraction-except on my smartphone. On the other hand, its really tough to hand write pages and pages so the writing is slowwww. Very slow.

I’m sure you’ve noticed my blogging has tapered off, too. For the past several months leading up to my laptops death, its performance was pretty terrible. So blogging was basically a pain in the ass to do. Even now, I’m typing on my little Android phone and trust me, its annoying.
But what’s a girl to do?

I’m looking forward to the New Year for so many reasons, and buying a new computer is one of them. The past few months were awful in so many ways-so awful that they started turning humorous because right when I’d start seeing hope, something shitty would happen. And then another. And another.

And then school ended (finally) and then I got hired at a new job which starts next week and then a few other amazing things happened.

It’s starting to feel like my life again. And thank god. Ugh. I was about to go a little crazy.

So in honor of New Years, I’d like to say CHEERS to a fresh new year, new goals, reaching old goals and enjoying every day with the new (ish) love In my life (my boyfriend), who I’m so grateful to have next to me. And no thank you would be complete without a BIG thank you to my parents, who are probably my biggest cheer leaders in life. If you still read this, I love you!