Why Do We Make Excuses?

Today I’m thinking deeply about why people make excuses for predatory pastors, violent books of faith, and church institutions that have a very dirty past (and present). I’ve done the same thing, so this question is more curious than accusatory.

Past the “why” is that they ARE making these excuses and maybe (or maybe not) it points to a much larger thing. What compels us to do this? As with all things, there no one universal answer. If church provides a need for community, then is that what they are protecting-their sense of community and the provision against loneliness? If church has become a person’s “family”, are they protecting the dark secrets of their own “family” as much as their own reputation?

Weigh in with your thoughts.

I’m the Wicked One


I’m pretty sure I qualify as the wicked one of the family but then again I’m also the normal one and smart one. So these all should be on my fireplace. (Photo taken by me in a store recently while shopping.)

Happy Thanksgiving Ya’ll

After all these years we’ve been together you’re still here reading for some reason and for that I love you. So from my family to yours, have a very happy Thanksgiving! No matter how awesome or annoying your family is-or if you’re not with family for holidays-I hope it’s a great day. Either way it’s a four day weekend so for that I’m thankful!

Destroyed by Truth

If you’re not following the Facebook page Humans of New York, I highly recommend it for little moments of brilliance like this:


The above is sort of my philosophy on the idea of God, the Church and Master’s Commission. If the truth destroys the image you have in your head of how perfect those three are, then good. The truth has done it’s job. If you aren’t listening to the truth, try opening your mind and letting the truth in. It’s not so scary.

You can find more like this on the HONY Facebook page.


The Best Thing on the Internet Right Now

From LA Weekly’s blog, I present to you the McGangbang. Yes, that’s right. That name alone made me laugh out loud while I was reading 11 McDonald’s Menu Hacks That Will Change Your Life. See Exhibit A below:

the mcgangbang


The second best thing on the internet right now is the Instagram/Nickelback parody reminding us of how terrible the Nickelback phase actually was for all of America. The only thing this parody is missing is the half naked “models” who post selfies on Insta all the time.