The Kind Ones

I think the greatest misconception about those of us who speak OUT against cults and abusive leaders is that we are not kind. People suggest we are full of hatred and bitterness.

It’s not so.

I know fewer people who are kinder than those of us who silently give our time and energy fighting causes like this. Yes, we may have a rough exterior but that’s because we get bullied constantly. Underneath that tough facade, there’s a kindhearted person who’s committed to making changes in the world and committed to making the world GOOD.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned from my life it’s this: Sometimes those who APPEAR good (ahem, preachers) are all bad. Judge everyone, and doubt everything but consider the voices who speak up against injustice. We might just be the kind ones.

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  1. Thank you, Lisa, for that recognition and understanding. I’ve sometimes described myself as a ‘boiled egg’, hard on the outside, but a heart of gold on the inside. On a survivor’s forum I used to participate in, I was often criticized for having a “rough exterior”, of being too edgy or quick to criticize. My response was that my edginess was a necessary survival mechanism that helped me escape cult dogma and abuse, and was an important part of my who I am. It also helps me keep fighting perpetrators and their apologists.

    The main reason I am commenting here is to inform you about a survivor of Salvation Army abuse, Lewis Blayse, who for a few decades tirelessly and silently advocated for survivors of child abuse in religious institutions. His work contributed to the establishment of official Australian Royal Commission Inquiries into institutional child abuse. Those hearings have been ongoing for many months. Lewis applied to testify at the hearings, but his request was cruelly denied by the commissioners. A few days ago, Lewis gave an interview to an Australian TV program and a few hours later he died from a heart attack.

    For the last year or so, Lewis blogged almost daily about child abuse in Salvation Army, Catholic, Anglican and other religious children’s homes. His daughter announced his death on his blog on Friday, and will keep his blog open. I thought you might like to know about this children’s rights advocate who worked in his corner of the world to protect children from religious predators. Here’s a couple links, one to his blog and the other to a video of his last interview a few days ago.

    Here’s the page where people are commenting on Lewis and his work behind the scenes:

    Here is the video of his last interview on ABC News

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