AMERIKA…FUCK YEAH! Sponsored by Bristol Palin

Everything that’s wrong the way fundamentalists think can be understood by a quick glance at Bristol Palin’s blog. She insults our President and essentially all of the world by saying: “Is anyone really surprised by the fact that President Obama came out of the closet for gay marriage? What was most surprising is when he explained how his position (supposedly) “evolved,” by talking to his wife and daughters.” I’m sorry Jesus, er, I mean Bristol, Christian women aren’t to speak, they’re to be spoken to, right? So, if Sasha and Malia’s dad spoke to them they aren’t allowed to talk back? Or even intelligently dialogue with their father? (For the record, the Obama’s are Christians. Just not the Palin-version.) While it’s true that the Bible does teach men that women shouldn’t speak or instruct men, some Christians move past the oppressive texts and don’t treat women as property. It’s probably time everyone sees women, even young women, as intelligent human beings.

As if that wasn’t gross enough, she’s also writing about the 1950’s by saying “shacking up” hurts men, women and children.  Bristol, 1950 called. They want their ideals back. STAT.

4 thoughts on “AMERIKA…FUCK YEAH! Sponsored by Bristol Palin”

  1. HAHA TOO FUNNY! I’ve heard a lot about her lately. She got pregnant at 16, should she really have place to tell people what isn’t and isn’t right about parenting? I hate judgmental people. 

  2. Wow.  Maybe it’s time to get information from somewhere other than the media.  Has anyone here really got a clue as to the true nature of Obama’s faith or Bristol’s for that matter?  We should ask oursevles, “Where did I get my opinions and feelings about the president, the palins, and whoever else in the first place?” This blog has devolved into a hate-fest, and the all out nasty airings of still-nursing her wounds gal.  I loved the freshness I found here at first, loved the truth telling about sick institutioins, but it’s become an outlet for tantrums and name calling.  Grow the fuck up.  I got screwed too, by church, by friends, and now by the government.  We all have.  It still hurts, there’s things I have to work out, but man, let it go.  Keep telling the truth, but don’t confuse it with your opinion.

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