1 thought on “Angry Atheist vs. Angry Fundie”

  1. The angry atheist and the angry fundie are both assholes. To the atheist: what do you care what a person religion is. If you are not being forced into a church and being forced to pray, what do you care.
    To the fundie; wha tdo you care if I am going to hel? It is an imaginery place invented to scare kids. I am not going to hell. I am going in the dirt and I am going to have a peach tree planted on my grave.
    I am an atheist and I learned long ago that arguing over religion is a pointless endevor. I dont care either way.
    Atheists getting pissed about a christmas tree or the ten comandments being displayed on public property piss me off more than the fundamiotalist spouting his non sense. How is effecting you that it says in god we trust on our money. ( our money is worthless by thway)
    If you dont like it fuck off.
    I am an atheist, but I dont make a big deal about religious inconography in public places, because it dose not effect me. Hell there is an angel on my christmas tree right now.

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