Dreaming and Doing


This is the kind of thing that drives me. Sometimes I just make a list and start doing cool shit. Why? Because I’m cool as fuck.

No, that’s a lie.

As anyone knows, I’m as shy and scared as the next person. I attempt to live bravely every single day but it’s tough. Even though I am in the middle of living my dreams, it takes courage to keep trying new things. Living your dreams doesn’t mean you’ll never be afraid. It means you will sometimes do things afraid and sometimes do things terribly, but you will do them.

My advice to you is that you should do ALL THE THINGS! Life is too short not to live your dreams, or at least try to go for them. Hell, while you’re at it, bring some friends along.

I’m a dreamer. I’m constantly making a list of things I’ve always wanted to do. I was starting to hit a wall last year when I found that almost everything I’d ever dreamed of doing had been accomplished. So I had to make a new list.

Here’s my new list of Things I’ve Always Wanted to Do:

  1. Take another road trip to the mountains. Camp. Explore. Hike. Take photos. This time, on my own, or with a few friends.
  2. Write a novel. Or, more accurately, finish my novel.
  3. Publish said novel.
  4. Take an art class. I sketch and draw but have no formal training. I would love some!
  5. Take a class on screenwriting and film making.
  6. Write and produce a film.
  7. Take a class on boxing/fighting.
  8. Fight in a ring just once.
  9. Create something on YouTube.
  10. Give a TED talk about something meaningful.
  11. Renew my love of blogging and connecting with people around the world.
  12. Learn more about web development.
  13. Start and complete just one video game.

What’s on your list? Share it with me in the comments.

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