Book Recommendations

I’ve gotten an increase in book recommendation requests over the past few months, so I created a fun Tumblr on which to feature some books I love and highly recommend. It’s not a complete list but there’s something for everyone. For those of you who haven’t read the classics or want to read something smart, you should pick up the classics and read them from time to time, even if it takes you a year to get through one book. Read something fun at the same time! Hell, I typically read 4-5 books at once which is a really weird way of reading because the storylines merge together and you don’t know why a disease is spilling over into a chick-lit book. It’s interesting/weird.

What I’m reading now and love are the Sookie Stackhouse books. My writer friend Jennifer read them and raved about them a few years ago but I wasn’t interested in vampires. She also was on Tumblr before I finally fell in love with it. Anyway, back to the books. They’re definitely not what you would read when you want to feel like an uber smart nerd. These are not those books. But don’t put them down–they are fun, sometimes suspenseful and there’s some hot sex in one of them and mention of it throughout the others. I do wish I could edit some of them for inconsistencies but they are minor ones. All that being said, I like them alot and I think you will, too. Sookie is this great, strong woman who doesn’t use her body to show she’s powerful. She has insecurities over her actual power but she comes into her own and grows a lot. There’s a traditional romance and Bill does save the day from time to time but Sookie is a feisty one. She doesn’t put up with Bill’s shit, or Sam’s or Eric’s for that matter.

I started watching the True Blood series this weekend and I can officially say the books ARE better than the series.