A bizarro biography of Hunter S. Thompson

E. Jean Carroll’s biography of Hunter S. Thompson is discussed.

So, for some reason E. Jean Carroll’s old book from the 90’s (which was republished in 2010 as an eBook that you have to read from the website…ew!) is floating around the internet lately.

The book is called HUNTER: The Strange and Savage Life of Hunter S. Thompson, and biographer E. Jean Carroll starts the biography introducing Hunter S. Thompson’s sex-starved biographer, Miss Laetitia Snap.

Hunter woman cesspool


Unfortunately, Miss Laetitia Snap doesn’t exist. She’s a fictional biographer. Yes, that’s right. She’s fake. So, what is E. Jean Carroll’s point to creating an over three hundred page bio of Thompson when you can’t even figure out what is fact and what is fiction? Perhaps I’m not enough of a Thompson aficionado to know the reason. Apparently I’m not the only one who doesn’t get it. The reviews for the book are terrible. Here’s one, for example.

hunter amazon review

However, this was interesting. Carroll reports (accurately or inaccurately?) a sample daily routine for the gonzo journalist (Note that he’s finally ready to write at midnight. That’s my kind of writer.):



h/t to my Facebook friend Hilton Price for the original link to the Mental Floss story.