Like a Boss

I’m interviewing for two jobs today…like a boss. On top of all this job hunting, I’m going to school and just started a holiday job. I’m so tired. Yesterday I skipped class just so I could revamp my resume, cover letter and LinkedIn profile. What I thought might take me an hour took me all day, because there’s a job I really want so I customized some of my profile to fit that job.

I’m usually too lazy to customize every resume and cover letter-mostly because I don’t just apply for one job. It’s usually several.

So I’m here, this morning, about to step into an interview. Class today was cancelled because of Veterans Day (Happy Vets Day!!), so I’m hoping to go straight home for some breakfast and a nap before my afternoon interview.

So much sleep. Why? My holiday job is EARLY hours. I was up at 6am Tuesday and tomorrow I get to sleep in til 7:30.  🙂

All this busyness is great but its still not paying the bills. It’s been a rough recession and I just hope to get back to full time work as close to mid-December as I can.

Next time I decide to go back to school in leui of work, please remind me that’s a BAD idea.


This week I’ve been interviewing for a job that pays minimum wage. I’m so humbled I can’t even begin to tell you how much of a reality check this is.

The fact is, I need a job. I’m in school, so my schedule isn’t conducive to my normal work, and this is the only place that seems to be offering work. The economy is terrible.

This whole experience is teaching me how strong I am, though. Instead of giving up on life, or being too embarrassed to take this job, I’m sucking it up and going with it.

In a few months, life should return to normal. School will be complete and I’ll have sent my book proposal off. But until then, minimum wage it is!