I Have Another TV Meeting And Here’s The Run Down

For those of you who don’t read my official blog (which is everyone), I posted this there and wanted to update you on one of the amazing opportunities I’ve been given. 


Tonight after work, I have a meeting with someone who works for a TV production company. Let me first preface this by saying, I’m not a TV industry expert so it’s all a little terrifying. I think my worst fear is not knowing if I’ll sell myself short, just because I’m inexperienced with the process and the contracts. I’m not too worried it will fall through because the majority of TV projects seem to fall through and my own TV project with the CW fell through last summer. Being round 2 of something similar, I’m excited but more grounded. I know the reality is I could work my ass off (and I will) for this to work and the luck of the draw will be that another show makes it. ​

Or they won’t like me/my story. But let’s face it, that won’t happen. ​

So how does it work? ​

First, we had a phone meeting where she got to know me and I got a chance to hear what they have in mind for the project. I got to talk a lot about my story and what I blog about. ​

Second, is today. We’ll do a Skype call and repeat the first step where I’m interviewed again and we kind of get to know each other more. It’s like taking our relationship to the next level, except professionally. Then, she’ll take the recorded interview to her team and they’ll see how they feel about it. ​

I’m sure at this point, they have several other options for projects and maybe even other cult bloggers, so the bottom line is this could be the end of the line or we could go through several more weeks of talking/interviewing/discussing ideas and then work on contract negotiations. Even after all of that, the show might not make it on the air. ​

Am I excited? Yes. Am I fully aware that this might not pan out? Yes. ​

​On the plus side, I like the company and what they do. I have a good gut feeling about the people I’ve met so far and that’s a good feeling to have. And all this TV interest has really got me thinking more and more about writing a spec script or a screenplay. In all honesty, the reason I haven’t done it is a) it’s a mystery how to get started and b) the one idea I want to write the TV show for is my fiction novel which isn’t complete and which I want to publish before making it into a show…so that I get that True Blood money, duh. 😉

(h/t to Lisa Cullen whose blog I’ve been reading which inspired me to keep writing about my ups and downs with my blog/TV/book. I’ve written about it many times on my blog, but was discouraged last year enough to quit.)