From the Inbox: The Controlling Nature of Master’s Commission

I received this email from a reader recently and thought I would share, since it’s really enlightening and another inside look at Master’s Commission. 

Hi Lisa,

Hope this reaches you. I know you are extremely busy gal. I’ve stumbled across this blog page in the process of searching for material to read an hopefully find an understanding of what I went through. I’m from a small town, everyone know everyone. I was going to a bible believe truth based AG church. (invited by a friend). I remember the Masters commission group visiting on a wednesday youth night. Full of energy, out-going, free spirited indivuals. They consumed my friend and I’s attentioned. After they left all I kept thinking is that is awesome. I am going there in the next 6 months. I quit my job. I moved out of my parents house after we argued about MC. (my parents believing it was a cult)… well me not so much. moved in with my friend and began to visit, this MC program. This was in 2008 when we joined. Had no clue what we were getting ourselves into. It was good and horrible all the same time. We weren’t allowed to talk to our families except a certain period of time. They montored our conversation by us sitting in their living room with them and the directors heard everything we/d say. then they would take our phones and tell us to go finish our school work, eat, shower and go to bed by a certain time. The church people loved us. We put up a great front every day…. no one knowing what the student actually went through. I was asked to leave my 3rd year in 2011 because I had begun to migranes and seizures for the very first time in my life. Had to be hospitalized several times while in the program. My mom finally received the news. when the nurses would ask for emergency contact info the wife of the director/pastor would put her info instead of my parents. They had my cell phone while i was in the hospital. I finally got a nurse to help show me how to use the phone an called my mom. long story short my mom wanted to hurt this lady director. It has been hard. I had to regain the trust of my parents. I just turned 25 and really have no true college credits…I am so far behind. I love the Lord. was raised methodist and want to get back where I should be. I just don’t know where to start… some of the other MCers didn’t have the same experience as I did so they are mad at me for speaking out and calling it a cult.

One day I’d love to talk to you exchange stories and progress. I think it will help. thank you for stepping out and starting this blog. I can relate so much.