Former Chairman of Exodus International Turns His Back on the “Ex-Gay” Movement

LGBTQ Nation reports that “John Paulk, the former chairman of Exodus International, a Christian ministry devoted to performing controversial gay-to-straight “reparative therapy” has formally renounced his past and says he is “truly, truly sorry” for the pain he’s caused by advocating that gays could change their sexual orientation through prayer and therapy.” His statement is as follows:

“For the better part of 10 years, I was an advocate and spokesman for what’s known as the ‘ex-gay movement,’ where we declared that sexual orientation could be changed through a close-knit relationship with God, intensive therapy and strong determination.

“At the time, I truly believed that it would happen. And while many things in my life did change as a Christian, my sexual orientation did not.”


“Today, I do not consider myself “ex-gay” and I no longer support or promote the movement. Please allow me to be clear: I do not believe that reparative therapy changes sexual orientation; in fact, it does great harm to many people.”


“Today, I see LGBT people for who they are–beloved, cherished children of God. I offer my most sincere and heartfelt apology to men, women, and especially children and teens who felt unlovable, unworthy, shamed or thrown away by God or the church.”

In 2011, John Smid, a former “ex-gay” leader of Exodus International’s oldest ministry “Love in Action,” also admitted he is gay and took a stand against the message he preached for years.  More on John Smid here:


Gay Things

Just because a person is gay doesn’t mean he’s a pedophile, says a former scoutmaster.

In recentish news, “Boy Scouts rule on atheists unchanged as BSA reconsiders ban on gays.” HuffPo reported this gem, which has Internet gold quote of the day:

Just because a person is gay doesn’t mean he’s a pedophile

Which is true. Usually if a person is say, a priest, they’re a pedophile. I’m not sure how the Pope transitioned the blame to gays, but he did a damn good job of it. Go Boy Scouts for finally being forced to change your fucking homophobic ways. Now apparently we have to get them to realize that atheists are people, too.

Gay Marriage Is Now Legal In 13 countries; Catholics Still Fighting It

By legalizing same-sex marriage, the archbishop of Paris, Cardinal Andre Vingt-Trois, says, “This is the way a violent society develops. Society has lost its capacity of integration and especially its ability to blend differences in a common project.”

Hmm. Really, Archbishop? Really?

No one really cares what Vingt-Trois thinks though. The world carries on, and France is now the 13th country to legalize gay marriage. Uruguay and New Zealand recently legalized gay marriage, also.

According to HuffPo, “Same-sex nuptials are legal in 12 countries — Argentina, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Iceland, the Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Spain, South Africa, Sweden and Uruguay — as well as in some parts of Mexico, Brazil and the United States…Several other countries, including Britain, are planning to legalise it in the near future.”