Email of the Day: “Read the Bible, Lisa”

Hi. I was browsing a forum thread on the mertis of WordPress over
SquareSpace when I tripped on your comment about your “
site. As I was skimming your blog I was saddened to hear what you’ve had
to go through with the cult, not just the false teaching but the false
life based on it. It’s wrong how some of these “church” leaders prey on
unsuspecting folks for their own purposes.

At the same time, I saw a link to “What Is Christian Fundamentalism”,
thinking I’d see something on extreme fundamentalism, only to find that
you reject the theology of sin and react against teachers like John
Piper. I don’t know how much you’ve studied American Christian
fundamentalism and how the meaning of the word “fundamentalism” changes,
but John Piper wouldn’t be considered a modern fundamentalist. If the
word is being used negatively and somebody doesn’t like John Piper, then
putting a “negative” label on him would suit their purposes, but it’s
not a fair assessment.

I don’t usually reply to folks who are reacting against what they
believe is wrong, because often times if we hear a dissenting voice, we
tend to automatically defend ourselves and add our personal experiences
as proof that we’re right. But please consider—your personal experience
with a cult *loosely* based on Christianity aside—that these cults tend
to attract persons who don’t have a strong understanding of the Bible.
Otherwise, it would be very hard for false teachers/churches to gain
sway in people’s lives. You probably know that Apostle Paul (in the
Bible) warns against false teachers (1 Timothy 6:3-5). I think being
under false teaching warps a person’s understanding of whatever
scripture is being used as a foundation of their belief. I was glad to
hear that you broke away from these guys. At the same time I’m saddened
that you lump the cult, sin, the work of the Holy Spirit, and Piper all
into the same boat and reject all of it. I hope that, if you believe in
God, that you would study the Scriptures diligently and grow healthy in

A believer in Christ

What Feminists/Cult Survivors/Atheists Hear Daily On the Internet

Almost always, the trolls we (feminists, former Christians, agnostic/atheist/spiritualists) get online are all the same with the same argument:
a) You are militant, angry, and bitter. I dismiss your argument.
b) If your husband/boyfriend/brother were a better man you would not be feminist.
c) You hate men.
d) Stop complaining because you are hurting The Church or you were hurt by The Church.
e) You all think alike. You aren’t open to new opinions.
f) I’m not comfortable here.

LITERALLY, we hear this every day. We’re over it. Like FMH says, if you don’t like this blog (or feminists, former Christians, atheists) get your own blog and talk about whatever the fuck you want, including but not limited to: why you hate this blog. No one cares. I’ve heard it all before.

(Adapted from the Feminist Mormon Housewives.)