Apps of the Week

I came across some interesting apps today. Mind you, I’m new to the Google app store since my last phone couldn’t hold more than a few phone numbers.

Here are some gems:

Hide Your Kids


Jiggle It N Share It

Jew Booth


Beards for Bears


Of course I had to try that app out…just to see what it would look like. I DO love beards.


And of course, if you’re looking to hide from your stalkers in real life, you can get some Sun-Staches:

The Best Thing on the Internet Right Now

From LA Weekly’s blog, I present to you the McGangbang. Yes, that’s right. That name alone made me laugh out loud while I was reading 11 McDonald’s Menu Hacks That Will Change Your Life. See Exhibit A below:

the mcgangbang


The second best thing on the internet right now is the Instagram/Nickelback parody reminding us of how terrible the Nickelback phase actually was for all of America. The only thing this parody is missing is the half naked “models” who post selfies on Insta all the time.


Zach Galifianakis and Me: We Belong Together

Sexy, amirite?
Sexy, amirite?

My love for Alan goes deep. Yeah, I said it. Alan from The Hangover Part III. I’m sure it got terrible reviews and I don’t really care…he makes the movie and I love everything Zach Galifianakis does so I Photoshopped myself onto his body. And I look a million times better.

Lisa-as-Zachg12I know, I know…it’s a little Amanda Bynes, isn’t it?

Source: Amanda Bynes on Twitter
Source: Amanda Bynes on Twitter


Luckily, I haven’t been arrested for throwing a(n alleged) bong out my window. Phew. Thank god. That’s the only thing separating the two of us, amirite?

Original source for the Zach Galafianakis pictures and by that, I mean my original blog post with them in it.