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It’s Okay Not to “Know”

There are some people you’ll meet in life that just KNOW beyond a shadow of a doubt that there is a God, gods. They’ll convince you that they have hard evidence and proof and “experiences” to show you that there is a god.

But, really, it can’t be proved and we all know it. If there is a heaven or hell (I don’t believe there is one. I think it’s a fear tactic), wouldn’t we likely not have proof of that until we die?

Oh, yeah, except that the “bible” is the word of god breathed from his mouth?

Not likely. Most documents are drafted, edited, and rewritten; sometimes using many contributors.

Anyway, I’m getting off track.

The point of this blog post is this: it’s OKAY to not know everything about what you believe in or don’t believe in.

Say you just left a cult, like I did about five years ago. You’re probably going through a wide variety of emotions and probably rethinking virtually everything that happened there and how those people you were in the cult with treat you now.

If you’re rethinking things, that’s a good sign. It’s healthy. It means, you’re learning from your past experiences and turning it into wisdom, in my opinion.

It may take years for you to come to terms with what you do and don’t believe in. You might be more lenient and understanding toward others. You might miss the community of church, but abhor the judgmentalism that exists there.

So what if you end up an atheist at the end of your “I-don’t-know” phase? So what?! Atheists aren’t bad and they’re not baby killers. They’re “god less” but not godless.

So what if you end up Buddhist? Hmm…you may just end up to be far more moral and caring than some of us are. Not to mention more zen. ­čÖé

So what if you still end up going to┬ácharismatic┬áchurches? No big deal. I’m sure some of your views have changed and you’re not going to be duped or suckered anymore. Smile! ­čÖé That’s good news.

What if you just don’t know and don’t care? I personally think that’s a great place to be.

Belief and spirituality (or the lack of) aren’t about labels, in my opinion. Just be who you are and surround yourself with positive people. From there…enjoy life free from worry and oppressive dogma.


Las Vegas, Part 1


Not too long ago, my family and I went to Las Vegas, NV for a weekend trip. Having been a reverend for several years, I was taught that Las Vegas was bad–it was “Sin City.” I hadn’t ever gambled until I was 25 years old. This trip was a lot more fun since I could gamble and drink and do all the “sinful” things I never did before.

Life AFTER the cult is AMAZING!!


Here’s a picture of the “statue of Liberty” at the New York, New York Casino.


We stayed at Caesar’s Palace in a pretty awesome suite, which I clearly didn’t pay for. ­čÖé Here’s the dining room which had a view of the Strip. Below is our custom coffee maker.




Our suite had a his and her bathroom–yep, side-by-side separate bathrooms. Here’s one of them.


Below are some of the not so great pictures I took of the Strip at night from the view of our living room/dining room area. More pictures to follow of the rest of the trip.