‘Female Freedom Has an Expiration Date’ – Being 35 and Single

This was beautiful and meaningful to me. I’m 33 and sometimes it does feel like female freedom has an expiration date. Doctors tell women my age that if they want to have more than one kid, they’d better start trying around 35 and if they want just one child, they should start at 38 or risk complications and miscarriages. Of course, there’s always one or two women who will tell you the story of how they gave birth over a certain age without any issue, but regardless, women seemingly have this choice to make: either live our dreams and be childless or make sacrifices so we can be mothers. Being a mother is a wonderful thing, I’m close to my own mom, but I’m not ready to be a mother.

But it’s not just about motherhood and whether we decided to mother or not. It’s that idea that women are incomplete without someone, without love, when we certainly aren’t. Few people worry about men who are perpetually single, but women who are face a myriad of questions.

Watch the video. It’s beautiful.