I’m Over “Occupy Wall Street”

First, let me say, no one likes corporate greed or government greed but this whole movement is a bit ridiculous. I’m behind the concept and I think the police brutality is disgusting, but I’m over it.

Let’s Occupy Churches and Religion and fight the greed and power hungry bastards there instead. But let’s not sleep in parks and act homeless. Let’s blog about it, share news stories about abuse and corruption in churches and organized religion and be responsible citizens in who or what we listen to when we’re “taught” about “truth.”

#OccupyChurches #OccupyReligion

Another Pastor Paid Lavish Salary But Still Wants More Money

Crystal Cathedral Ministries filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy Oct. 18, according to the OC Register, yet the Schullers want church members to deliver food to their limo drivers (wait, they have limo drivers?!) because Arvella Shuller is sick with pneumonia.

Church members are upset because the request came at a time when their church is in “bankruptcy and information coming out through court documents has suggested that the Schullers took nearly $10 million from the church’s endowment funds.”

Oh dear. A pastor wouldn’t take $10 million dollars from a church fund, would he? That definitely would not explain the private limo drivers. I mean, I have a limo driver, of course. Don’t you?

“They’ve completely depleted the church’s funds,” he said. “But they have shown that they have absolutely no remorse for what they’ve done. They’re still being chauffeured around in limos. We, the congregants, have nothing.” [OC Register]

Pastors: Completely Irrelevant Individuals

When I left my full-time ministry work to become a full-time atheist in 2005, one of the first things I did was question and reevaluate the relevancy of of pastors.

Are pastors even “Biblical”?

Are pastors educated enough?

Are pastors fiscally responsible? Do they share their (or their churches) financial records with the public like a good 501 C3 should? Do they have checks and balances over their expenditures?

Essentially, who are these men who teach us how to live and why do we listen to them?

It wasn’t until I was had stopped working for a pastor that I could fully evaluate these questions and the answers are probably not a shock to you, unless you’re still in the church.

I’m starting a campaign today called Just Say No (like DARE kept kids off drugs, this one will keep kids and adults off brainwashing).

After my work for several pastors and examination of their role within our culture I’ve decided that I will never follow or listen to the advice of a pastor again. Ever. I think they should work a full-time job (I don’t believe pastoring should be a paid position) outside of the church. I also believe they should be subject to checks and balances when it involves money, although that will never happen because you can spring up a church quicker than you can a Churches Chicken and with less management.
I’m advocating for a little bit of anarchy from the sheep, I suppose. And most likely they won’t change it up or question their pastor, but next Sunday if you find yourself sitting in church, don’t be afraid to disagree with the lavish ceremony, the fancy new car your pastor pulled into the parking lot driving, and the clothing they’re wearing. Don’t be afraid to notice his wife’s botox or boob job or new manicure and wonder how they can pay for all that and you can’t.

Being a pastor is more about power and money than about helping people. Look at it this way, you wouldn’t trust a politician with your pocketbook. Why would you trust a pastor to help you navigate your life? Aren’t they one and the same?