My Cult Life Forum – Open Membership

In December I started a Master’s Commission Support Forum for former members of Master’s Commission. Since then, many others have joined the group. I’ve decided to expand the membership to include anyone who has read my blog and come from a similar background/story/experience. Membership is free, confidential and on a secret Facebook group. Members of all faiths or questioning their faith are welcome. The rest of the rules/guidelines exist here. Please read them in full before requesting to join.

To join: 

Contact me with your request and include your Facebook associated email address.

Friend request me on my Facebook profile.

I look forward to connecting with you in the group!

We All Need a Little Therapy

We all need to talk sometimes. We all go through dark times. So many readers reach out to me to talk, so I thought I would share some resources I found over on Tumblr that will help if you’re going through a difficult time.

In the United States, the following resources are for free and CONFIDENTIAL counseling:

If you are not located in the U.S., check out Tumblr’s Counseling and Prevention Resources. If you are, or someone you know is, in immediate danger, please call a local emergency telephone number or go immediately to the nearest emergency room.

Mental Health & Psychology Resources

Univ. of Chicago ‘s Virtual Pamphlets

Through the University of Chicago’s Virtual Pamphlet Collection Web page you may access additional Mental Health information and sites.This list of sites and resources is for informational purposes only. The Counseling Center neither endorses the information included nor can validate the accuracy of the information. You are advised to evaluate the materials and use direct access to professionals when the material raises questions or concerns.

NAMI – National Alliance on Mental Illness

NAMI is dedicated to the eradication of mental illnesses and to the improvement of the quality of life for persons of all ages who are affected by mental illnesses. Its website has a variety of information about a wide range of mental health topics.

APA Psychology Topics

The American Psychological Association’s listing of resources for a variety of common psychology topics. The information presented here has a more research emphasis.

The American Psychiatric Association’s online resource for anyone seeking mental health information. Here you will find information on many common mental health concerns, including warning signs of mental disorders, treatment options and preventative measures.