How to Make a Long Distance Relationship Work

This post contains some NSFW content

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I’ve worked myself into a few long distance relationships here and there. It wasn’t supposed to be that way, it was supposed to end before the move or before the trip was over, but alas that’s just not how it went.

No matter how much Skype and texting was involved, an ever-growing empty feeling massed inside of me and I did nothing but count down the days until I got to see that person again; it became all-consuming.

A good friend of mine frequently lives transatlantically, hopping back and forth between the US and Spain and has managed to keep several LDR’s afloat, so there is hope for those of you out there embarking on this journey.

However, I don’t recommend doing it if you both have a lot of trust issues either because cheating is ten times easier when you live in separate cities, states or countries.

But if you’re adamant about signing up for a long-distance relationship anyway, here’s some advice.

  • Talk to your significant other. Obviously, you’ll be doing a lot of that, but really talk to them and gauge what their expectations are for this relationship. You may find that they differ from yours and it will be good to set some ground rules before you truly get yourself committed.
  • Secondly, invest in a good web cam if your computer doesn’t already have one built in. We are fortunate enough to have video chat capabilities these days and that alone will help bridge the distance gap immensely.
  • Begin saving money, because you’ll be shelling out lots of money between the phone bills, the travel and the random gifts.
  • Fourth, get yourself a really great vibrator or fleshlight–believe me, you’re going to need it. Not being able to see you partner for months on end, means you won’t be getting laid for months on end that is if you haven’t arranged an open relationship. After about a month, you’re going to realize just how frustrated you can get. So keep them on hand so that you can take care of frustrations and inspire moments of phone sex. I recommend checking out the Adam & Eve collection.

Some quick tips are:

Make an effort to talk to your partner at least once a day.

Take on similar activities, so you can both discuss them and grow together that way.

And engage in activities at the same time, such as watching a show together.

A long distance relation can work out, but it takes a lot of hard work, trust and hope.

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