Painting, anyone?Boo and his strange sleeping positions
Oh, now the drawers are empty, Mom!

Everyone on the Internet loves cats. It’s the only place people with allergies can enjoy them. And they do. And why not? Cats are smart, they’re independent and they’re super goofy. I really need to set up a Cat TV to show you what my cats do when I get home from work. They are incredibly funny, especially Molly, who greets me every morning with a new mess. Usually the same mess that I’ve cleaned up the day before, but she’s got a routine. Every night when I’m in bed sleeping, she proceeds to open cupboards and drawers in the kitchen, and then the drawers around my bed. Sometimes she even pulls all the clothes out of the drawers and gets inside to sleep. WTF, kitty?

Someone's feet-in the (now) empty drawersSometimes they're just bad kitties...and make these kinds of messes...over and over and over. It's like they're bored, but they can't really be that bored. I think it's more of the fact that they are just ASSHOLES and love seeing me clean things up...again and again...and again.I hid the kitty toys in here. Bad idea.
But look at those eyes. Who can resist? No matter how much of an asshole she is, I’ll always love her.
And then sometimes they just become incredibly adorable and cuddly (with each other mostly, but sometimes with me). Or if I’m having a bad day, Boo always comes to lay next to me and purr. It’s kind of awesome how they know…

Molly's infamous "tongue out" sleeping position