Passion Life Ministries Emails Me

Passion Life Ministries emailed me asking me to promote a pro-life video. I laughed, but there’s the email.

passion life ministries

This email recently came in, which is quite funny since I’m pro-choice and I’m probably part of the “powers of death” this man is referring to in his statement below. I guess I am spreading John’s message but not in the way he’d like. Oops. (I DID offer myself to interview John Piper or to have a civil debate about abortion and I’ll be honest-I did not watch this video because I could give a fuck about either of these Johns.).

Here’s the email I got:

“My name is Michael Bonner and I represent Passion Life Ministries, an organization whose mission is to “disarm the powers of death with the gospel of life”. During the Passion 2013 conference John Endor sat down with renowned pastor John Piper and talked about the anniversary of Roe v. Wade. This interview will be released in four parts starting on Thursday January 17. You can view the first video at this link:¬† Please help us spread John Piper’s message by sharing this video with your readers via blogging, Twitter, Facebook, etc.”

john piper

[Grace from Are Women Human discusses John Piper here.]