Internet Weirdos

Me + the internet are a weird combo. In around 2005 I joined MySpace. It was then that I had my first stalker–prank or real–and it scared the shit out of me. Whoever it was created a fake profile, friended me and started sending me messages saying they knew where I was around the college campus which freaked me out. After I blocked that profile, another one popped up. This time a chick who wanted to meet up with me and again, started saying things like “I know what time you come out of this class.” I took all of this to the campus police and got nothing. They couldn’t do anything unless that person threatened me but after I went to the police it died down.

Fast forward to blogging. I’ve told you all the story about the dude who harassed me for about a year on Facebook. I don’t know him so it’s quite possible it was a fake profile. Once I blocked him other strange profiles popped up and friended me. Some were women and I know they were fake profiles. After this, I switched my profile to a page so I could maintain a public page and then created this space so I could let a limited amount of people in.

Now there’s this thing in my writing group happening and I’m beginning to wonder if any of this is connected or not. Either way, you just never know and they could all be unrelated, isolated incidents. It definitely makes me be more cautious and share less online and in the back of my mind, it’s another reason I want to stay out of the public eye sometimes. So for those of you who miss the constant blogging and personal posts, I hope this helps explain where I’m coming from. On the other hand, I’ve become such a tough bitch that I feel sorry for the person (people) who continues to harass me.