An Invitation to Host a Call-in Show on the ‘Dr. Pat Show’

I get a lot of very interesting email from readers of this blog but this is by far the most interesting email I’ve received yet. I’ve always strived to stay low-key with this blog and not try to turn this into a platform for me to be someone’s guru or leader. That’s not my style. But I will say this email had me thinking twice. Mostly because she called me a genius. I mean, just read it for yourself. This email has been presented in it’s entirety with the exception of Isla’s phone number which I removed.

“Dream lofty dreams, and as you dream, so shall you become. Your Vision is the promise of what you shall one day be.

Your Ideal is the prophecy of what you shall at last unveil.”  – James Allen

Dear Lisa,

I have always said it is both the Lovers and the Dreamers who are the Saviours of the World. I thank you for Being an Emissary of  PRESENCE BLOGGING! You are a Voice, Guide, Teacher and REVEALER illuminating a path to a Miraculous Power. Surely ye have heeded the Call of the Great Ones. What is YOUR RUBY touchstone, I wonder? It is my guess that you made All of THIS cos you DEEPLY WANTED IT SO and you shaped it from the Loveliness that forms in your Beautiful Mind.

Tis Isla here with the Marketing and Production camp of Transformation Talk Radio and syndicated The Dr. Pat Show.  I am just sitting here wondering if you have ever considered having YOUR voice heard over the TERRESTRIAL radio as a show host…(we aren’t BlogTalk) You are the Possessor and Creator of a Great and Wonder-full Ascendancy! Your High Vibration Transmission and passion SPARK you and are asking to be Heralded over N’ across the AM/FM airwaves, I’m sayin’.  J

OK.  Slap my hand or hiney for my boldness but I gush Gratitude daily for this seeming ‘work’ do, Calling forth Gorgeous Genius such as yours to come out of  Internet stages to Come into Fullness and SHINE their Lights BRIGHTLY upon those who are just there….waiting for them in the soul asylum of their very own heart of hearts. I feel you would be most appreciated and tenderlyEmbraced, even on such an intimate Teacher-student platform as ours! I find nothing but pure Heart & Soul stirring God Sap on this Sound Current where both Time and seemingly intangible space converge.  There is an Attuning & Activation of the Imagination here. It is Something of a deep Mystery to me. Call me a radio junkie, or a BIG DORK if you want but I Witness its effects on people when they communicate across this almost holy medium. Mesmerized is a far more polite word. 😉

I bid you invitation, dear world changer to deep enquiry about our seemingly Magic world and Sourcing a Powerful Radio Presence whether hosting a Live weekly call-in show of your own or Global Monthly Syndicated Sponsorship of The Dr. Pat Show with 1 Million PLUS listeners aired on over 300 channels worldwide.

Do curiously click-click click and explore our websites and just feel for any Resonance of Agreement and/or Alignment. Creating Positive Shifts in Consciousness is the very foundation for The Dr. Pat Show and Transformation Talk Radio!

The Dr. Pat Show is Now on the cusp of our 10th year and on a MISSION to enter states of Flow and grow, Ushering in more Groundbreaking Newness for 2014. I Love her!  Why? Cos she  dares others to take that quantum JUMP UP into fully Living out their deepest Message of Meaning and Rising.  I am Awed every day at Dr. Pat’s creative business ingenuity and it just keeps getting better. Dr. Pat Baccili is an Inspirational leader! Give her a Google!

I hope this little email of mine will excite you and draw you to a dazzling New Place of Heightened Inner Vision and collective Birthing of a more Radiant and Loving World. I will also add that we are expansive and certainly not expensive!!  Here is my telephone number: xxxxxxxxxx.  My wish right now is your Receptivity to an Exploratory and Evolutionary conversation. Please feel free to ring me at any time or quickly reply to this email message to make some. I am also available via Skype. A brief chat about you and where you are at this place in Time and how we can best help support, bless and expand you and your most Big Bang work is my Heartfelt quest.  Unified states of Enlightened Being!



Isla Tula-Celestún, Regional Marketing & Production Director
The Dr. Pat Show & Transformation Talk Radio

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