A Day In My Life

Britney Spears
Britney Spears / Source: US Magazine

Not that my life is all that exciting these days, but there are some surreal moments. Like sitting in the hair salon listening to the whispers all around me. “Britney Spears” was all I could hear and then the whispers turned into conversations. It turns out Britney was shopping next door and everyone was talking about how she was shopping alone. As if a celebrity couldn’t shop alone. lol One of the hairstylists put her stuff aside, grabbed her lipstick and touched it up and said, “I’ll be right back. I’m going to go next door.”

Really? People are so funny. Lipstick and everything.

I say it’s surreal to live here because as I’m reading a magazine about celebrities talking about living in L.A., I’m just shaking my head. The celebrity interviewing for the magazine was talking about his house in Bel Air and then how he moved to Brentwood and I could tell he feels a lot like I do about L.A. You kind of love it and hate it. The weather is amazing and then you settle in and get busy and your life just becomes L.A. and you don’t ever find a reason to leave. I think I finally went to that place in my relationship with L.A. I’m not the vegan-goes-to-farmer’s-markets yet (although I have gone, yes) kind of L.A. and I love and adore Silverlake but I won’t move there. I like my neighborhood–it’s like a stone’s throw from the beach and when I leave work I breath in the air and think…THIS, THIS is why I won’t move.

But part of L.A. is being around famous people or near famous people or those who would kill to be famous. It’s surreal to hear the gossip mags or TMZ say they were just following someone like two minutes away from me and I’m just sitting at work reading about it. We are SO obsessed with celebs, their lives and we think they’re these mysterious beings. They’re not. They are absolutely real people who need their space and who need to shop alone once in awhile.

I live in L.A. but the neighborhood I’m in is filled with celebs. For the record, I had no idea when I settled down. My sister is an alum from a local school and I found a job through her network there. Then I found another one–this one I’m at now–and just decided I needed to settle down and make a home. When I get Starbucks, people look familiar but I can’t place them until later. When I worked at the bookstore, the Smith’s kids came in and Willow was singing (she has a gorgeous voice) but I had no idea who they were. I’m not the kind of person who would freak out or get star struck over a celebrity and I really don’t care. I pity them because people are so harsh and invasive and I nearly always take the celebrity’s side when the whole world is against them (a la Britney’s hair shaving episode). Why? Because give people a fucking break and let them be a goddamn human, that’s why. Let them breath, let them cuss someone out if they feel like it. I don’t mean YOU, per se. I know you are all wonderful people and probably don’t treat celebrities any differently than other people.

Anyway, my hair looks amazing. Three hours and one Britney spotting later, but it looks great!

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