An Update, Between Drafts

I’m departing the world of cults for a bit to jump into a fictional world that I can’t discuss (yet). It is beyond exciting to write this novel and I might be able to post updates here and there along the way but there’s something wonderful about keeping all my ideas totally private and just knowing that one day I’ll reveal them and until then…no one can steal them! They’re safe with me.

I’ve literally been writing morning, noon and night and I am in such a good place with all of that. Writing is my number one love and while blogging is writing, books are such different (and also wonderful) beasts. I love books and I’ve loved them since I was a kid. Blogging is such immediate satisfaction–readers read right away (oooh look! alliteration!). Books are intense, and done in bursts and when you have energy and don’t. Books are written up and down and all around and rewritten in places like parking lots, offices, coffee bars, national parks, and the list goes on. I keep a print out of my draft with me at all times, so when I have five minutes, I edit and rewrite. My book, though, is always in my head. After all, that’s where most of the writing and rewriting happens first.

I think you will all love the book, actually. It’s nothing like the memoir and nothing like I’ve ever published. Ever. It’s fun and you won’t be disappointed.

Anyway, with all that being said, I still get a lot of emails from people who need help and I wish I could help you. I have, though, written exhaustively on this blog and in my eBook and covered literally everything you could need to know (emotionally, legally, for parents, for students, personal stories about being in my cult, how I felt when I left, how I left, etc.). If you’re curious about me, check out the blog a bit more, all the FAQs and Welcome pages and then check out my official website. If that doesn’t satiate you, come to my Facebook or any million other social media I’m on. Or Google “Lisa Kerr.” I’m there. Everywhere…

I really need to say this: the best resource you can have through all of this is a good therapist, not me. Instead of emailing me for help, please reach out to a professional. I am a writer and I hope my future books serve you well, but I cannot counsel you over email or the phone. Please respect that and please understand this is nothing personal, but this is a question I’m asked hundreds of times. No one on Earth has that kind of time. If you want to send me your story, I’d love to read it! Send away.

I will be back…after this draft, or maybe the final draft, is complete.

All my love,

xo, Lisa

1 thought on “An Update, Between Drafts”

  1. Hey girl, so excited to hear about your book! So glad to see you living and being true to yourself. Your story has helped so many- including me! Love your authenticity and courage. So many of us were programmed to keep quiet and not talk, that’s just religious bullshit designed to keep the truth from being told. NO MORE! It’s normal to be angry and it’s everyone’s right to speak and get help. Your advice to people to get professional councel is so important for recovery from the cult life. Thanks again and here’s to your book! Cheers and congrats.


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