Mommy bloggers have it so easy

Sunday night I could not sleep. It was just after 1 am and I’d spent all weekend (literally) working on learning a web development platform called Drupal. I actually don’t remember getting up to eat at all either day, but that’s because I can focus…apparently.

Here’s what my Drupal test site started looking like:


My favorite part is the news aggregation on the sidebar. It’s so pretty and fancy.

I migrated my 300ish posts over and then got stuck with categorizing the pages and posts. Some bloggers go easy on content management. They just use the date and name of the post which is what I SHOULD do. But no, of course I have to map out all 400 posts in detail. And then I map out 3 other related websites and pretty soon I’m Ariana Fuckington.

Jesus Christ dude. I wish I could be less intense about websites but I’m obsessed. OBSESSED I TELL YOU.

I’ve also been trying to come up with a pseudo anonymous blog name and identity. Of course I get side tracked in the design, which WordPress sucks at. And a name? I’ve brainstormed the STUPIDEST names. They’re so funny though. At some point I was just going to name it Monkey’s ┬áBlog. I obviously need[ed] sleep and maybe a long drive away from the computer, but it’s way too late for that now. Decisions must be made.

I really wish I was a mommy blogger. They have it so easy.