When It Rains, It Pours Molten Hot Lava

It hasn’t been a great week. That’s an understatement. I’ve had a flat tire that won’t seem to go away, office drama of the worst kind, a grad school acceptance turned “just kidding, we don’t know”, and two major rejections in the writing world. On top of that, social media is really becoming way too mainstream for me. And by mainstream I mean I’m sick of people’s shit. I started a writing group and spent weeks (or days, I can’t keep track anymore) pouring into them what I do know about writing and marketing only to have them all start throwing major attitude toward me for restricting their page limits. Oh my fucking god. It’s as if they’ve never taken a writing class. Then I start a writing forum and some prick comments on my Facebook page about a typo but just fucking rails me for it (and for the record, he wasn’t right. Ha!). I kind of assume that when someone is so hateful they have to leave a comment for a typo on a group that’s 10 days old, they must be a dickhole and/or supremely jealous of the awesome site that’s coming together. Sure, I’m not perfect but I don’t give a fuck about a random dude on the internet. Unfortunately, it seems like there are more of them around. Have I just been blogging/social media-ing too long? Guess so. Fucking pricks.

And while I’m on the subject, certain websites give blogging advice which is “Always be positive.” Hmm, that might work when you’re Hello Giggles (they weren’t the ones giving the advice, by the way, and I like them at the moment), but it doesn’t work if you’re me. It’s disingenuous and delusional to act like everything is perfect all the time. I’ve recently been humiliated publicly by a former friend who claims she’s happy all the time. She’s also seriously troubled but no one knows it except two or three of her friends (including me). My point is, just because someone is happy, shiny all the time doesn’t mean their life is perfect. It means they’re hiding something, probably. So, I guess if you’re looking for lies and delusions, you should definitely go read the happy blogs but I’m a goddamn grumpy cat some days and am not afraid to show it. I guess the internet isn’t really the best place to show off your stunning personality if you’re a cynic who has bad moods most of the time, but it’s way too late to turn back now.