The Job Search Carries On

I’m job searching these days. Just two years ago I was in this spot and it’s definitely not the most fun position to be in; however, I get a chance to search for a company that will make me happier, with a team who will (hopefully) love the creativity I have to offer. One can hope, right?

I’ve had interest from quite a few companies and the ones whose interest were the strongest are fortunately the ones I really was interested in, too. I’ll be interviewing a lot in the next few weeks, so I’ll be busy preparing for that, but I wanted to check in and say hi since it’s been so long since I’ve posted.

I spend most nights searching for the few positions that are writing/editing related in my area, which is limited because I’m not in the most creative part of the state. I’m fine with moving, as long as some relocation costs are covered, but I really will miss it here. I’ve made up my mind to move next fall if I don’t find a job I love and I’ll know sometime in April or May where I’m accepted to grad school. One company I may be interviewing with is near two of my top schools (UC Riverside and UC Palm Desert), so it would be kind of kick ass if that job worked out. It’s a software company that really is technologically advanced, so I think we’d make the perfect fit; however, I’m also interviewing for an editor position in Santa Monica tomorrow for a pet website and come on, we all know I’d be awesome at that. My dog has a fucking Instagram, for god’s sake. Either way, I have some fun decisions ahead of me. I just hope the offers come in before the end of December so I can get moved and settled in wherever it is I end up going.