Well this is awkward

Remember being a pre-teen, unsure and awkward? That’s how I feel about blogging. I want to blog. In fact I think about it daily. I just don’t want to blog about cults…daily. I can’t even tell you how things spun out of control here, but I’m reining in my blog and taking it back to happy places. Places I want to go.
INTERRUPTING LLAMA: (h/t to the Amazing Mr. Morck for the image)
I “quit” blogging about a month ago after a pretty severe panic attack mixed with paranoia. RELATED NOTE: I was not murdered during this time. The day after I “quit” I sat down to the SITS GIRLS forums and poured out my heart. Yet, no one really understood because blogging is a bit of a “pave the way as you go” kind of job.
So for the time being, I’m going to try to settle in to blog right here. No new blog name (yet?). No mystery identities. No “niche” only posts. Why do all that? I’ve realized most of you like me for the outlandish, offensive asshole that I am anyway. That’s why you follow me or add me on Facebook. And for those of you who want to see the “softer side” of Lisa, that might happen here, too.
Here’s to a new start! I guess I’m a little early…it’s not quite 2013 yet. Just consider me an early bloomer.