When gun violence hits your hometown

Yesterday was another sad day for our nation. A shooting occurred in a high school when the gunman walked into class late and shot a young man who had bullied him. This story hits close to home because it was the high school I attended. Many of my former teachers are still there inspiring students and my own peers are now teachers there.

As it turns out, one of the heroes in the story is a high school friend’s older brother who now works there, too, and he was the teacher responsible for talking the shooter out of firing the rest of his reported twenty additional rounds.



(Taft Union High School teacher and hero: Ryan Heber)

My thoughts go out to Bowe Cleveland, the reported victim and his family. Latest reports say that Cleveland was critically wounded but is in stable condition.

The good news in this wretched story is that police response time was 60 seconds and a SWAT team was on campus quickly, as well. I heard about it on Facebook at 9:24 a.m. and the gun was already reported confiscated at that time. This makes me proud of my little hometown. Way to go, Taft!

Taft Union High School(Taft Union High School)

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