Dino Rizzo from Healing Place Church puts his house up for sale

Megachurch pastor Dino Rizzo resigned from Healing Place Church while rumors surfaced of an alleged affair. Now his house is up for sale.

In September, 2012, I broke the story of Dino Rizzo’s alleged affair which was covered up by his “sabbatical” speech. The church elders stuck to that story, too, until shit hit the fan and my blog exploded with over 5,000 shares of the article. Seeing that Dino’s church reports 8,000 members, my best guess is the (alleged) cat is out of the bag.

Thanks to Tiger Droppings, a Baton Rouge community forum, and user HBR, we’ve now learned that Dino Rizzo from HPC puts his house up for sale. See photos below, courtesy of user HBR and Tiger Droppings.

DR house 1
Dino Rizzo house kitchen Dino Rizzo house Dino Rizzo house Dino Rizzo house Dino Rizzo house dr house8

Dino Rizzo house sale


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An Email from a Dino Rizzo Fan

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  1. To the writer of this blog, on behalf of any Christians who have ever hurt you “I am sorry.” I was hurt by so called christians before I got saved and they do it in ignorance bc the love of God is not in them. I love you friend. God bless you and your purpose filled life..

    With all the love of Jesus Christ,

  2. That’s some mansion there… I thought all those super spiritual types only stored up treasures in heaven?

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