Biblical Women Who Behaved Badly

I liked the women who behaved badly, and I liked the women who made men behave badly. I liked Jael, the warrior woman, who in the book of Judges lured the enemy commander Sisera into her lair, fed him a soporific potion and then hammered a peg through his temple and left him for dead. Jael was a heroine, a seductress in the service of God, but that makes her a minority of one: all the other self-actuating, sexually compelling Bible women were presented as Satan’s spawn.

Bitch: In Praise of Difficult Women by Elizabeth Wurtzel (author of Prozac Nation)

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  1. I’m not certain there are many preachers that could handle Jael today….just saying. That whole record including Jael and Deborah, the Canaanite women (mentioned) and the Israelite maids taken captive and into sexual servitude by the Canaanites  has a real place for heroic and spiritual women, and even an inference to women being oppressors that is far outside of mainstream Christian thinking over the centuries.

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