GlassTexan, are you out there?

I came across this post on the Rick Ross Cult Education forum. Since this post was from 2006, it’s highly unlikely this person will find my answer, but in response to your question, “GlassTexan,” yes I’ve had a bad experience in Master’s Commission. Come find me and let’s talk!

“Has anyone had a bad experience with the Master’s Commission program(s)? It is generally based out of Assembly of God churches. I believe the “main” group is in Phoenix.
If led by the wrong sort, this group can be very dangerous. I had an awful experience and have heard others have as well.
The group I once attended was removed from the church after a change of pastors. The leader of the Master’s Commission left the state and many of the MC students–and even some of the church!–left with him. He is still running a MC group.
If anyone reading this went through something similar (in an MC group), I would appreciate hearing about it.
Once again, I don’t believe all MC groups are bad–but the wrong leader can do serious damage.
Thank you.”

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  1. Lisa,
    My mother and I regularly type “Edwin Ennis” into our search engines to keep tabs on him. This last time my mom found your website.
    I am GlassTexan, (Shauna), and I was a member of MCA in 1998. I left before the full ten months were completed, I believe in May 1999. I was seventeen at the time.
    It takes a lot of strength to come forward as you have and I thank you. Although I wouldn’t wish this experience on anyone, it is nice to know I am not alone.
    — Shauna (GlassTexan)

    1. Shauna,
      I’m so proud of you for posting awhile ago on that forum, because YOU were looking out for all of us then. When I find stuff like that online, it encourages me that I’m not alone, and it also reminds me that we all need to stick together to help each other recover. I’ve got dozens of friends who left this group with me (at or around the same time) and it seems like we’re all still fighting to “normalize” our lives again. I remind myself constantly that I probably won’t ever recover fully from all the abuse and trauma I went through, but I keep trying to live a normal life. Sometimes it helps me just to try to forget it all, and wish it didn’t happen. And other days, this blog helps because I come in contact with others who are in the same boat and then I feel better–like I’m not going through the issues I face alone.

      It’s so sad when people email me and say, “I felt like a terrible person after I left, like I wasn’t living up to God’s plans for my life, and faced all this guilt simply because I’m not in Master’s Commission anymore. I felt so alone until I found your website.” Honestly, it makes me upset and sad.

      I was just graduating high school in 1998. I entered Phoenix Master’s Commission that September. At the end of the “school year,” I wasn’t accepted back for a 2nd year (due to weird financial issues they were having, which they always have to this day because their spending outshines their intake every year), so I had Eric Hunsburger recommend a group for me to apply to a 2nd year. He recommended a few, and Austin, TX MC (where Edwin Ennis was director) was top on his list. He and Edwin were good friends.

      I’d never seen Texas and had been a California girl all my life until I flew out there for my 2nd year.

      Phoenix MC (now MC USA in Dallas, TX) had a lot of rules, but MCA made it look like military boot camp. Literally. Many times, I felt like I was in the military instead of church. I was told to change my clothes nearly every day of my 2nd year. I was told to do this, do that, etc. From the way I looked to the way I acted, I was told to change, I was rebuked and was punished.

      There’s no excuse for any of that shit. None whatsoever. I’m sick of online trolls telling me to suck it up, or that I’m not “this or that.” The fact of the matter is, it’s wretched, it’s abuse, and it needs to stop. That’s why I’m blogging about it. That’s why I sign my name. Edwin Ennis and his family knew me intimately. I raised his children. I slaved away for his ministry and raising his kids for pennies a day, for over 70 hours a week. I’m not about to let this stuff keep going and remain silent.

      Thanks Shauna, for finding us here! I hope you’ll share your story one day, too, and I hope we can continue to talk. If you’d like to talk more privately, I don’t publish anything you email me (unless you and I agree on it first). My email is mycultlife at gmail dot com.
      Lisa K.

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