It takes a lot of bravery to stand up for oneself when the opposition is not just one person; but hundreds. And what I don’t think some understand is that you are not just moved to do this for yourself, but also for those that suffered before you; and in hopes to prevent any more destruction to those in the future. We are to follow with blind faith, yes… But not an organization, not a man made hierarchy, and definitely not a human being who is just flesh and blood. We are to follow God with blind faith and no other.

Our loyalty should be to God, not an organization or man.

I’m proud of you for standing and looking injustice in the eye, instead of turning a blind one. I pray for your success and want you to know that you have an ally in me. When I stood up for what was right, I was ostracized but I have NO regrets. I’d do it all over again. I sleep well at night knowing that I didn’t fall/break under pressure. It would have been the easier route…But it would have been the wrong one.

What I witnessed the last month that I was at Phoenix MC was truly heartbreaking.

I wrote a song about that experience. I hope that it conveys to all before us and anyone who is going through it now that they are not alone.

-Audrey Gossett

2 thoughts on “STAND”

  1. I listen to this song with tears in my eyes and my heart broken! Someone i know was in the program in Austin, and I am finding out things that have happened to them and it makes me mad! Mad that these young kids some of them are not even living for Christ now!

    When the program was set up it was nothing like the one in Austin. I was somewhat involved in one at my local church and they treated the kids with respect. They were able to live a normal life during this time. They were able to sleep and they were not abused! my hart is broken!

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