How Rumors Get Started

My advice for the day: Verify what people spread online. You never know when that thing you instantly repost or talk about hasn’t been verified. I personally verify everything I can on this site, before I post it and even after. I make sure my stories are correct, or they are personal experiences that I can verify.

Why is this important to my readers? For years, I sat in church and didn’t always verify what I was being taught. Sometimes I did. Sometimes I found inconsistencies. Sometimes I’d question and find that no one else felt similarly, so I kept it to myself. The point is, whether it’s an Internet rumor, or religion, we must always take the time to ensure that what we believe in and what we are being told and taught are verifiable and hold weight in the real world, not just the supernatural la-la kooky, “my pastor told me so” world.

Doubt: It’s Not a Curse Word.