Love Wins: Why Rob Bell is More Awesome than John Piper & Justin Taylor

First of all, I don’t read Rob Bell; however, years ago, I had some friends who recommended I read him. Bell has been a trendy, sort of liberal Christian author that young people have latched onto for years.


He seems to encourage doubt. He doesn’t appear to be boxed into these sentimental old-fashioned fundamentalist ideas. He publishes books that people read and that fundamentalists cringe at and fight against.

Take @JohnPiper’s Twitter feed as of late:

“Farewell Rob Bell.″

Which takes you to the blog of Justin Taylor, who seems to quote John Piper a lot (and co-edited books with him), and seems to be a mouth piece for fundamentalist Christianity.

After reading Justin Taylor’s blog about Rob Bell, and after reading John Piper’s tweets, I’ve decided they’re both assholes. They are essentially what is wrong with Christianity today. (I think there’s a lot more wrong with it, but it’s a start).

You have two men who a) are probably jealous that Rob Bell is more popular (and wealthier) than they are and b) Rob Bell is encouraging God’s LOVE, not his hate, so they automatically say that he’s preaching false doctrine although neither of them have read Bell’s book.


If you want to represent God’s Hate, you’re apparently preaching truth, according to Taylor and Piper.

I think, if there is a Hell (and that’s a whole other post in itself, since I think it’s a made up construct to impose fear on people), people who preach Hate will probably enter it first.

Go Rob Bell! I might be a fan after all this.

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  1. I doubt either one of them care how much money he makes.. haha and… I don’t quite think it is a popularity contest.. You should probably do a little more research on the men you’re talking about.

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