Open Letter to My Readers: My Cult Life

I have blogged nearly everyday at My Cult Life. Although I love each and every person here, I’m going to expand my blogging horizons toward the direction my inspiration is taking me. What that means, is I’m going to cover things that are non-cult related (or not religious in any way) here, my personal website,

I will STILL be blogging here often, but my main focus will be what inspires me in life–and that is NOT religion. I hope you’ll join me over there, too.

To cover all the topics I’m interested in, I’ll be going by a new {blogging schedule} composed of the following categories:

Monday {Inspiration at Home} — I blog about what I find inspirational, including home decor, fashion, inspirational quotes, and things I do in my life that inspire me.

Tuesday {Politics & Rants} As a 30 year old, I’ve got my nose into some pretty serious political opinions. You can find some of my political rants on Tuesdays.

Wednesday {Humor} What do I find humorous? Tune in on Wednesdays for my own humorous content or something I’ve found online.

Thursday {Writing & Blogging Advice} As a writer and blogger, I’ve learned some things that I love sharing. If you have a question you’d like me to answer, feel free to email me at thelisakerr AT gmail DOT com and I’ll attempt to answer it for you.

Friday {Love, Sex & Relationships} I’m 30. I know something about all those categories. I even have a column, Ask Genevieve that I’ll be sharing here soon.

Please join me there if you’re interested!

5 thoughts on “Open Letter to My Readers: My Cult Life”

  1. I’ve had the pleasure of hanging around from when it seems you were just stretching your wings as concerning Master’s Commission Lisa and I’ve enjoyed watching you as your confidence grew in this category. I even remember a couple of specific statements you made that made it more enjoyable in that it seemed you needed to get some things off your chest and actually felt better about yourself in that you did so.

    But if in like manner you feel you need to move on then by all means, do just that. Your instincts worked here before, so I’d recommend continuing to do what you feel you need to do now. 🙂  For whatever it’s worth to you, it seems you have a lot of fun with the peeps who haven’t had much to say here anyhow, so why not give it a go as you like.

    With respect,
    Jeff Sjolander

  2. Lisa,

    I only discovered you in the last few weeks. You’re a hell of a writer. I’m so happy for you! I eagerly look forward to your new direction and am relieved you will continue to explore through My Cult Life as well.


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