Religion and Personal Beliefs

I often struggle with how much of my personal beliefs to share here on the Internet, especially on this particular blog. I feel like we’re a community, and I like that about us. As a community, though, I realize we’re all very different in our take on life, religion, etc. and I don’t want to impose. I’m naturally very opinionated, so sometimes I censor myself (yes, believe it or not, I censor myself!).

I was told several months ago that there were thousands of people who were hurting after they left Master’s Commission, many struggled with depression, doubted God’s existence, and that they’d benefit from my story about the evolution of my faith. Before I share something very personal about my faith (I’ve already written much about depression), I’d like feedback from my readers.

Would it interest you to hear my story? As someone who’s been indoctrinated with a dogma that I find destructive, I’ve shied away from discussing my own beliefs, because I’ve not wanted to influence people. I’m not a pastor. I’m not a leader. I’m a blogger telling my story.

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  1. I would be interested. Being in masters and then changing my entire view point on religion it would be interesting to see someone elses that I have this in common with.

    1. Can’t say,
      Thanks for the input. I think I’d like to see if there’s anyone else who’s changed their viewpoint. I do get intimidated by the amount of hate mail/questioning that’s to come if I do share. I better “man up” though. 🙂 lol

      1. Admin,
        If you feel like it’s time to share, I think you should. I know my own beliefs have changed enormously since Master’s. I struggle daily with where I stand on religious issues because, like it or not, religion will always be a big part of my life. I’m sure, like with all the other things you’ve done, you will help others with your story. 🙂
        Much appreciation — S

  2. Hi 🙂

    Religious issues are very difficult to work through, especially after an experience like yours Lisa. It doesn’t help that MC is monitoring your site, even just knowing they are I suppose. And I’m certain it doesn’t help that trolls and liars are commonplace on the internet.

    And as far as personal issues go, let me just speak as to the recent “Let’s Talk About Sex” thread. I think airing these issues is a very brave thing to do on your part, but as simply somebody who is willingly supportive of your attempts to help people I am somewhat cautious of you going there on the internet. But if I were a person who just knew you personally without knowing any of your history I would probably say something like, “What are you doing Lisa, putting all that out into the public view? All those trolls and pervs will tear you up!”

    So while many are doubtlessly capable and willing to be supportive and genuinely understanding, and others would be willing to learn what it takes to deal with these issues here without getting out of line, I can certainly understand your caution.

  3. Lisa,

    First – my perspective has changed ALOT on religion/ Christianity. I think what may be a wise decision would be to form a safe place for those of us who want to discuss this topic where it isn’t available for everyone to read. Like a secret forum or chatroom kind of thing. And then if someone who only ‘hates/ criticizes’ can be blocked by an admin. This is my suggestion, as opposed to making it public on here. Maybe I’m a an elitist, but why should those of us who’ve ‘changed’ share with those who can’t open their minds up? I very much want to hear about your journey with religion since Master’s. I myself have my own ‘fear’ of sharing what I currently believe with people who are traditional. Anyway. That’s my two cents. Also – here’s a funny note to end on.
    I got approached by Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints missionaries on Christmas Eve. LOL – I made him walk with me, and said I didn’t want his card. I’d just throw it away.

    1. I’ll see what I can do, Kimberly. I know I can make a password protected post, and that could be a start. I can look into my forum or what buddypress offers as far as privacy. I think that’s a great idea. Safety is key, and this site has a lot of critics who read it. I’d hate to put anyone of my readers in a vulnerable spot, let alone myself.

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