Everyone needs a little fun in their life. Yesterday I went to the Pleasure Chest with a friend and bought some fun accessories. Who doesn’t like having their nipples bedazzled and their ass spanked?

4 thoughts on “Toys!”

  1. Um …. the ass spanking I can do without ~ reminds me too much of Pearl-style “child training” the whole “daddy’s little girl” creep factor of Quiverfull/patriarchy. 🙁

    The nipple jewels look pretty cool though!

    1. Vyckie,
      I never thought of it that way, but I can definitely see your point! ha I haven’t had children, so I have mostly a sexual idea of spanking.

      An interesting point though–my ex boyfriend and I used to talk about how our culture sees sex as dirty and naughty. Even asking someone to spank you or calling someone a “naughty girl” or boy shows that our language surrounding sex further insists that it’s bad.

      I think our culture needs to be a bit more open about sex.

    2. It can be very empowering for a woman to spank a man. It doesn’t have to be the submissive woman/dominate man.

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