Awww, the baby!


I’m going through a baby craze right now.

I’m 30.

I’m not married.

I make money, and am working steadily toward reaching some of my life-long ambitions.

So, what is it about babies that are so intriguing to me right now?

They throw up on you. They wake you up in the middle of the night. You can’t just carry them around like a purse and set them down. You actually have to keep up with them. Not like my cat, which is pretty independent when I’m at work. I don’t need a cat sitter. I have a litter box and a few toys for him.

Babies aren’t cats.

Sometimes I psychoanalyze myself. With the marriage and babies thing, I’ve come up with this: maybe the reason I want a home with a husband and a baby right now is that I was involved in a group (Master’s Commission/Our Savior’s Church) that summed up womanhood into two activities:




Maybe that’s not it. But, it’s probably a significant portion of my obsession with marriage and babies.

1 thought on “Babies”

  1. I’m certain MC and the church will have impact on what you think for the rest of your life. But I don’t really think that everything they teach is ALL BAD either, yanno? I guess mostly for you to have peace with who you are seems important.

    Another thing about babies is that no matter a person’s world-view or religious view I think most people can agree that wanting a baby is a normal and natural desire for both men and women, but I think it hits women harder in a biological sense even if I’m not an expert on the specifics.

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