I Drink

It’s not a big deal. Drinking is really common in what I like to call “The Real World.” But for the very religious–which I used to be–drinking is synonymous with sin. I “sin” for fun these days because I don’t believe in the concept of sin. I think sin is a concept that’s used to bring guilt and fear into a lot of religious people’s lives. These days I don’t feel guilty. I feel happy. So, I’m drinking a Shock Top, Belgian White beer and later tonight we’re going to a bar called The Griffin and I’m going to drink their fabulous strawberry beer. Beer doesn’t really make me drunk, but if I want to get drunk (and I do), I go for Vodka. Just one or two and I’m good and drunk. And then I want to have sex.

And that’s why I like to sin. Because sin is fun and sin is a myth.

Um, let’s all drink with this: Mr. Beer Beer of the Month Club Receive everything you need to keep you brewing great tasting beer all year long. Sounds fun, right?