If I End Up Single…

If C and I break up, here’s my plan:

1. Send off my book proposal in the next year.

2. Raise my Credit Score.

3. Get a book deal.

4. Buy a house.

5. Have a baby.


All of those are pretty much the same “plans” but I wasn’t going to have a baby so soon. However, my clock is ticking and I really don’t see the point in waiting–especially if I’m not dating anyone.


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5 thoughts on “If I End Up Single…”

  1. Babies while single are interesting. Having two children one With someone and one that I raised alone w/help from my family in some ways it’s really easier without a partner.

  2. I like the plan. I’m No 5 and ‘not dating’ do you get said baby at target? or maybe Macy’s. Let me know, I may be in the market for one myself. 😉

    1. sperm bank! my doctor told me one of her patients got pregnant from one sperm donor and went back a second time to get another kid from the same donor.

        1. Aww, congrats to her! That’s so awesome. I’m really curious how old she was–even though I’m just 30, I feel my clock ticking already.

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