The Week From Hell, And I Want My Mommy

We think I have bronchitis, but in an hour or so I’ll find out. By “we” I mean my mom, my friend Abby and WebMD.

You’ve heard enough of the girl with no job and no money saga (aka me) so I won’t bore you anymore with that, but I’ve been trying to make it until my first paycheck without any major expenses. Having health issues suddenly becomes one of those major expenses. Why? I’m uninsured, like many in America.

Thankfully, my college days brought me some schooling on not just an English degree but also on how our public health system works. Sometimes, if you have no monies, you can see a doctor for free or for very cheap.

So I’m at urgent care right now because I nearly died yesterday (an exaggeration, yes, but I’ve had the sickness from hell) and in my sickness and drug induced state, the light finally came on and I Googled ‘public health’ and ‘free clinic’.

This clinic is fancy. They are playing Shrek. Over and over and over. But hey, there’s a tv. So yay.

And the wait is only two hours, which in clinic time really isn’t that long.

So, let’s hope for the best and lots of drugs. I’ve got a job to go to Monday and I need to be all better-not crying like a big baby, saying, “I want my mommy,” which did, in fact, happen last night. You can ask my boyfriend.

3 thoughts on “The Week From Hell, And I Want My Mommy”

  1. Just wishing you some “Get Well Soon” love from the ether.  I had bronchitis once when I was a child – it was miserable.  Hoping for the best!

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