Waiting to Get Married

My dating life has gone through a radical change.

I used to date Christians only. They had to be super spiritual, really love Jesus and read the Bible a lot. Past that, I don’t know if I considered much else.

Now, I date men who are not religious, respect me as a woman, and can handle a saucy woman. Sauc-y!

When I was still into uber Christian men, the only thing I wanted to do was walk down the aisle and pop out some little chickadees of my own. Maybe decorate my house, too. Oh, and collect tea cups.

I never gave myself the time to discover my own hobbies, my likes and dislikes, if I liked fried eggs or boiled eggs or poached eggs. (Notting Hill reference, 🙂 )

I was waiting. A Lady in Waiting, as a book I once read called it. One of those women who was waiting for my Prince Charming to come sweep me off my feet and solve all my problems and take away my loneliness. Waiting for a spouse to COMPLETE MY LIFE.

Until I found my spouse, there was nothing worth living for.

Eventually, I decided that was unrealistic, kind of co-dependent and desperate.

I had to become the  tYpE of            person who

a) was happy and <3 in love <3 with MYself

b) solved my own problems

c) resolved my own feelings of loneliness by creating hobbies, other friends and things that would keep my active mind going.


2 thoughts on “Waiting to Get Married”

  1. I want to say that this is not purely a Christian thing.

    I think it’s partly a societal thing, the myth of the fairy tale ending which is perpetuated in movies, books and TV. However, I do think that Christianity gives this a bit of a twist, and marriage becomes an idol. Irony much?

    Jonathan from Spritzophrenia 🙂

  2. Hey, I’m just glad you insisted on not having to marry somebody that Aranza picked for you. (It still chafes me he called you a “Jezebel” for that!)

    FYI, I just went to “Our Savior’s Church’s” site to be sure I spelled the chief name-caller’s name right and the current series they have posted at the top of the page is called, “Happily Ever After” HAAAhahaha Yes, it’s about marriage!

    I bet they won’t include the tip, “And don’t call your wife “Jezebel” as soon as she shows signs of independent thought.”

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