Enjoying Life

Life is never a bed of roses, but sometimes it can be pretty lovely. I used to only look forward to the future and didn’t give the present too much importance. I always had to have plans for the future and was always looking forward to the days when something big would happen in my life.

Today nothing major happened. I slept in. I drank two cups of coffee. I went to the post office. I got a Starbucks Salted Caramel Mocha. And now I’m home.

I’m not rushing to work on my writing. I’m not doing homework. I’m enjoying the weather and hoping to get a nap in after I post this.

The ambitious me is still here, but I’m learning to enjoy life and learning to relax. Years of overwork and burnout hit me (and my body) like a ton of bricks. I can’t overextend myself as I used to. I can’t pull all-nighters without feeling it in my body. I can’t even drink a whole bottle of wine without getting a tummy ache.

And even when I spend all day resting, I sometimes need to rest some more.

Yesterday I spent a wonderful day with the BF (boyfriend)–watching movies, laying on the beach, getting massages. It was perfect. But I woke up today exhausted, so I skipped class and rested. I’m exhausted for a number of reasons, but I’m just not interested in getting burnt out again. I AM interested in enjoying life, though.

I always dream of moving to another country and exploring the world, vagabond style. The other day I realized that I don’t need to move overseas to explore the world. I can do that here. So Sunday (I think…I have a hard time keeping track of days) I spent the entire day relaxing on the beach. The WHOLE day. I had a book to read, a blanket to nap on and I pulled my jeans up and went playing in the water.

It was the nicest, most relaxing day I’ve had in awhile. I waited for the sun to set and parked my car near my favorite point where I always see baby seals swimming. I could’ve cried, it was so picturesque and perfect.

And that’s when I decided that life is pretty damn near perfect. I don’t have to move overseas. I don’t need anything in life to change. I just need to get to enjoying it more.

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