Fried Green Tomatoes

When I was a kid (junior high, I think), I watched the movie Fried Green Tomatoes. It was the most heartbreaking movie ever (although, I think a lot of things are the most heartbreaking things ever, but get used to it). It was sad. My mom started making fried green tomatoes every summer and I feel in love with them. Our neighbors were retired farmers from Oklahoma who’d migrated West to California in the Dust Bowl. Their names were Jean and Johnny. Jean and Johnny sold tomatoes and other veggies on their front porch everyday during the summer. When we had time, we’d go over and pick veggies and fruits or they’d send us home with some of the extra tomatoes that they didn’t sell. I love tomatoes. They’re incredible–so juicy and flavorful.

About a month ago I bought a tomato plant. It was just 10 bucks from Lowes and was already producing little green tomatoes. Eventually I got to taste one of them, and OMG, they are so much different than store tomatoes. It’d been years since I’d had Jean and Johnny’s home grown tomatoes and I’d forgotten how much different they taste. If you don’t already have a little garden at home, I HIGHLY recommend it. It’s worth it…and it’s so much healthier.