Attacks on Planned Parenthood

Why is this even happening?


I can not believe we are even considering defunding Planned Parenthood in this country.

The other day, I talked to my mom about it. She’s a very conservative religious person and you guessed it: she supports the defunding of Planned Parenthood and NPR. She said, “Why should my tax dollars go to support those programs?”

She thinks they’re frivolous.

I agree with her on one thing: since she’s not poor, she pays a LOT (a LOT!) of taxes. Do I think it’s fair that she pays more taxes? No, not really.

However, this is where we disagree: I think defunding Planned Parenthood is one of the stupidest things I’ve ever heard of. I also think the Representative who started all this business is really, really undereducated and should be voted out of office, asap.

So, people like my mom want to save money on frivolous spending? I think that’s fine. Actually, I agree that some things should be defunded. However, Planned Parenthood and NPR¬† should not be options.

I have a great idea for who should be defunded: religious organizations.

Take away every church’s “non-profit” status.

Make churches and pastors pay taxes.

Hmmm…there’s a statement you’ll all disagree with.

Need to save more money? Cut out all government programs to religious institutions, such as fake abortion counseling clinics who get grants to preach Jesus to people. Cut out government funding to churches all over the country.

That would save a lot of money, and it might also stop the absurdity that keeps going on and on and on, as fundamentalists marry themselves with ultra-Conservative Congresspeople.

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