Jesus Troll of the Day: Jesus Warned Us of False Teachers

This commenter definitely hasn’t read my blog for very long. I present to you the Jesus Troll of the Day:

May I first start by expressing the sorrow I felt reading your testimony. In my journey I have learned that it is very common for people to twist the word of God to mean what they need/want/ or feel more comfortable with it meaning. His very word warns us of false teachings and teachers. This is why we must search for Jesus and keep Him close in our hearts. I believe one of the biggest problems in our society today is religious people who speak of the word of God but live completely against it. The word tells us salvation is a gift. It cannot be earned. We are sinners in nature and we cannot change that. This is the reason for Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross. We cannot make it without Him. I have never been apart of any type of group or program dealing with religion. I found Christ on my knees in the confines of my home. Since I have found Him however he has put a desire in my heart to leave my home and go out to fellowship with other believers of Christ Jesus. The most important thing I have learned is that while Christ was here, he preached of Love, forgiveness, and mercy unconditionally. To respond to evil with Love. To live our lives with meakness and humility. He preached against sin, and requires repentance. In my search for a church today I look for these qualities in the teaching of the word. If what they are teaching doesn’t line up with the word of God I have no part in it. I listen to Dr Charles Stanley daily and he has helped nurture the seed that The Lord has planted in us all. I pray that in your tragic experience, you haven’t lost faith in our living, loving, Lord Jesus Christ. I also believe in all my heart that if you seek His counsel, he has a way to bring miracles and good out of it. There are great people/helpers in this terrible world we live in. There are many false teachers also however, and this is why it is so important that we align ourselves closely to JESUS CHRIST always. Prayer is our link. Salvation is our gift. Sharing the love he gives us woth others is just one of the many rewards he has to offer. It isn’t always easy. In fact sometimes it gets really hard. We have a whole world against us. But if we persevere, and stay true to his word, and our faith, we will not be the ones lying in disappointment when our time on this earth is over and we are reunited with our savior. God bless you! And may his strength and courage always be with you!

8 thoughts on “Jesus Troll of the Day: Jesus Warned Us of False Teachers”

  1. That’s not an internet troll. Trolls post comments deliberately to rile you up. This is just another true believer; a much more dangerous breed.

    P.S. Love your blog. Congratulations on getting the hell out.

    1. Oh I know, but I love calling them trolls because they’re always hiding around the corner emailing me, commenting on my Facebook or reporting my page for abuse. They don’t mean to deliberately rile me up, but they do. 😉

      Thanks and thanks for reading! I’m happy to be out…life is good, at last.

      1. That would require the existence of a god to be mad at. (Unless I can be mad at the unicorn that ate my right thumb for breakfast)

        1. Oh I totally agree! Emails like this are meaningless to me anymore, even though they used to bother me. I don’t believe in god because doing so would make me a believer in a hateful, abusive being who rules the Earth, and lets people suffer. It’s just not that simple–life is complex and the good and bad is complex, too.

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