Chubby Kids (Like Me) Love Sammiches

When you were a kid did your mom ever make something to eat that was special–just for you? Mine did. It was mashed avocado on toast. Come to think of it, there was also bbq chicken in the crock pot (just for me) and pork chops.

What can I say?  I was a chubby kid.

Well I haven’t made an avocado sandwich since–well I’ve probably never made one. My mom always toasted the bread, buttered it and smashed up the avocados and OMG it was so good. A few months later, my savvy mother would say things like, “Why don’t you butter the toast?” So, I would. And then she’d say the next time, “Why don’t you smash the avocado?”

Pretty soon I was making the whole damn sammich on my own!

1 thought on “Chubby Kids (Like Me) Love Sammiches”

  1. My mom is a purebred Hungarian. She kept bacon grease it the fridge. She would make me a piece of toast with a light smear of the grease and a little red onion. Sounds weird, but it’s a staple in poorer European countries because they didn’t always have meat. Anyway, it was pretty good and thus began my lifelong love for bacon. And also made me a chubby kid as well. At least we were well fed! 🙂

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